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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 11, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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thanks for being here with me on this friday. we begin with a political war of words breaking out among ted cruz and donald trump. and ben carson now going public. >> i like and respect both donald and ben but i think this both instances in particular you look at paris, you look at san bernardino. it's given a seriousness to this race that people are looking for who is prepared to be a commander in chief. now that is a question of strength. but it is also a question of judgment. and i think that is a question that is a challenging question for both of them. so my approach much to the frustration of the media has been to bear hug both of them and smother them with love. because i think -- look, people run as who they are. i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. and i think the lions share of their supporters come to us.
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>> so trump wasting no time in responding tweeting ted cruz should not make statements behind closed doors to his bosses, he should bring them out into the open. more fun that way. and ted cruz looks like he's getting ready to attack. i am leading by so much he must. hope so. he'll fall like the others. easy. joining me now is athena jones. what's so interesting about this too is ted cruz has likely not attacked trump. and now we have this private recording from this fundraiser. >> hi pamela. that is right. i guess not a lot of things end up being private when it comes to politics. but you can see there clearly cruz making the argument that those support frers trump and carson are going to come to him when support for them fades. and trump of course we know he doesn't seem to sleep a lot and he's also a big consumer of the news media. so he's been watching it seems like this morning and wanting to
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weigh into this. the real question is, you know, we only have our debate just four days away. will ted cruz start attacking donald trump in public. donald trump is right. all other people who have tried to come after him haven't faired well after doing so, pamela. >> right. and now ted cruz is number two in the polls in iowa and there is going to be a battle there. now i want to bring jason johnson, thank you finish coming on. just a few days ago ted cruz said he won't get engaged in personal insults and attacks he was in his words grateful trump was running but privately a different tone. why the secrecy. >> i don't think secrecy. i think it is just good strategy. look you have to remember these guys all want to win. they act nice in public but they eventually want to win. and ted cruz has seen the numbers and has seen the numbers for months and months that say
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he's the leading second choice getter. his attitude all along has been i'm going to be nice because when the voters drop out they are going to come to me. >> he won't say that in public but he says it a this private fundraiser. he must have known this could get out u right? >> well you could ask the same question of mitt romney. i think everyone mistakenly thinks that look, if these people paid to meet with me that they are not going to record me and take that information out. it was probably a mistake to not have better security but nothing he said was offensive. i don't think this is a riff. in' p even donald trump is more chiding, like come on. come at me. no one sees this as a problem because everyone recognizes the race is getting tight. >> right. and cruz meanwhile seems to be making a play for trump's voters. did it just backfire with the release of this video?
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with this audio i should say? >> i don't think so. look, trump basically said if you come for me, from the wire, you know, if you come for the king you best not miss. trump's said you can say whatever you want behind closed doors. just don't say it to me publicly. i don't think ted cruz is that dumb. we're this close to iowa right now. athink a lot of supporters will still look at cruz as the viable opposition if trump drops out. and we'll see next tuesday. >> what cruz said is still mild the if you compare to what other candidates have been saying. including hillary clinton on the other side of the aisle. she had this to say to seth meyers last night. let's take a listen. >> i have to say, seth. i no longer think he's funny. >> yes. i will say i started -- >> yeah. [ applause ] yeah. i -- you know i think for weeks, you know, you and everybody else were just bringing folks to
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hysterical laughter and all of that. but now he has gone way over the line. and what he's saying now is not only shameful and wrong. it is dangerous. >> and a "new york times" headline saying that to democrat, trump is no longer a laughing matter. they are struggling with how to respond given his obvious appeal. so where do clinton, sanders and o'malley go from here? >> clintden continues up. o'malley continues nowhere. and sanders continues on making sure he can win a primary. clinton realizes if she ends up facing trump -- and i had a conversation yesterday with a good colleague of mine in the rnc. they realize now it is very possible donald trump could be their nominee. hillary realized she's got to have more energy and has to be more direct and she's really going to have to take to it trump at some point.
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right now she's just setting the stage. i never thought trump was funny but i do think it's about time to say hey look. some of this rhetoric is not becoming necessarily of someone who's going to become president of the united states. >> and now we're learning from the washington post at this idea of the contested convention is becoming more a possibility, more discussion about that among the relationshpublicans. >> and i think that would be a huge mistake. democracy works best when people actually get the candidate they want. i don't think it is reasonable for the republican party to turn their backs. first off lots of republicans agree with him in the polls they think it is okay to keep muslims out of the country. they think it is reasonable to put monitoring surveillance on mosques. so what is the problem with having a candidate that represents the core of the constituency. either let somebody beat him or let him win fair and scaquare. >> and we're looking at the
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latest poll by cbs basically saying that a majority of americans oppose the idea. but when you look at the republican party it is a different story. more than 50% support that. jason johnson, thanks very much. >>. >> announcer: >> ageneva switzerland this morning on alert. nick robertson is in switzerland with the latest. >> reporter: the latest here is that part of the airport here is on lock down. the police are examining a suspicious item of luggage. that shows you how high the security is here. outside the u.n. this is the biggest u.n. world headquarters outside of new york. the guards here have larger automatic weapons more than normally carrying. the reason being is there are
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piece of intelligence coming. one a significant one coming from u.s. intelligence officials which says quite simply that they have heard chatter coming from four isis members inside syria about an attack in geneva. the whereabouts of those four are unknown. at least a couple of them speak french. there is also a concern because a van belonging to an associate of one of the paris terror attackers from last month, that was driven into switzerland. the van the police have now found that but they don't know where this associate of those paris attackers is right now. that is a concern. also we now know the identity of the third attacker in paris. at the bataclan nightclub where the band was playing. his identity has now led the swiss police to be concerned. because the man who recruited him, who's now in jail in france, a swiss associate of his was with isis in syria.
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his whereabouts now unknown. so when you put all those things together, that is the heightened sense of alert and the reality is now this lock down at the airport because people are really concerned about anything that could be a terror threat right now, pam. >> understandably they are on edge. nick, thank you. and we have breaking news out of afghanistan. we're following right now police at the scene of a big explosion and gunfire in the central part of cabal. on the phone, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i'm at the scene at a neighborhood in kabul that is home to a lot of officials. we don't know exactly what the attack was. it was a big explosion about 30 minutes ago followed by sporadic gunfire. but mostly the neighborhood is quiet. we're hearing that it might -- the target might be a guest house belonging to a foreign
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embassy. and there is some chatter on police radio suggesting that it might be a chinese guest house. but i have the emphasize this is all unconfirmed at the moment and local officials are not saying anything so far. >> do we know anything about injuries? deaths? >> reporter: no news on any casualties yet, no. the explosion apparently was a car bomb. but that is all we know for now. and no word on casualties or hostages or anything like that. >> and i know you are still trying to get information. it was a little hard to understand you. do we have a better understanding on what the target may have been? >> reporter: no. we don't know what the target is. we're hearing here from police at the scene that it is probably a guest house belonging to a foreign embassy. so we don't know much about what country that embassy is.
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and local officials are not saying anything to the media at the moment. so it is a little bit sparse on details i'm afraid. >> okay. understandably and we'll be check checking back in with you soon. and still to come right here in the newsroom, are key clues from the san bernardino massacre hidden in these waters? i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. diis critical for brain health?n brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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new developments in the san bernardino shooting. dive teams searching a like officials believe the shooters may have visited prior to the attack. one of the items the two divers are likely looking for is a missing hard drive from the couple's computer. all of this as the fbi looks to his ties to a group of jihadists arrested in california in 2012. cnn's an bra cabrera live with
6:16 am
the latest. what are we learning? >> reporter: we understand he was possibly in the same social circle as this terror leader who was recruiting people. in 2012 that was the same time that we know enrique marquez t friend and neighbor of farook, has said and told investigators that he and farook were planning their own attack here on u.s. soil. so investigators are looking more closely about their ties. we do know that terror group was planning an attack in afghanistan. of course that is when al qaeda and the taliban for more prominent in terms of the the conversation. i want to tell you about the location i'm at. i'm here in front of this lake where we anticipate the investigators will be returning here within the next couple of hours. it is just 6:00 here on the west
6:17 am
coast. and so the sun should be rising in the next hour or so. investigators spent several hours at this park combing the lake yesterday. we understand they are searching for evidence that might be connected to the san bernardino shootings. this park and this lake is just two miles north or so of where the shooting occurred. and investigators are following a couple of leads that say that the shooters were in this area on the day of the attack. they have already scoured the park we're told. so they will go through lake. it could take days and they have also warned residents they may be canvassing neighborhoods in the days to come. they won't say what specific evidence they are looking for at this time but we know it has to do with the investigation and we of course have learned that this is still an ongoing issue with that missing hard drive, as they are trying to put together the time line of radicalization and
6:18 am
put together the couple's digital footprint. >> that hard drive a key piece of evidence officials have been looking for. >> we're also hearing anna that funerals are now taking place. is that right? >> yes. we do know the coroner turned over the bodies of those 14 victims back to their family members this week on wednesday. and the first funeral happened yesterday. there is another scheduled today. we're hearing ab memorials and vigils around town. it is still a community very much in the grieving and healing process here. and we know investigators have also met with victim's family members, as well as survivors of the attack this week to update them on the investigation at the site of the inland regional center where this attack occurred. >> thank you so much. and we're hearing for the first time from the mother of enrique marquez. the former neighbor of farook. he apparently bought weapons
6:19 am
used by the terrorists. marquez's mother now saying that her son is a good person and that she had no knowledge of her son's involvement in what happened in what he told investigators in 2012. he claims he knew nothing about the san bernardino plot. and right now we know investigators are still talking to him and trying to get more information. joining us now is michael weiss, co-author of "isis inside the wall of terror." she knew nothing about her son having anything to do with terrorism. and we've seen it separately with farook's family. he and his wife lived in a house with his mother. how were they able to hide those plots from those closest to them. >> i take wit a little bit of pinch of salt that the families didn't know anything untoward was going on. farook's father had come out and
6:20 am
said yes my son was becoming a jihadi. we hear this all the time, pam. these attacks happen. and then it is what a nice sweet boy. he was very quiet and studious and shy. with we had no idea. well actually you probably did have an idea. self radicalization or even immersing yourself in a milieu tending towards that direction is a process that takes years. months and years. it doesn't happen overnight. i'm sure, you know -- i heard in various press conferences that farook and his wife, they stopped attending mosque. so therefore they had sort of given up their religion. no maybe the mosque was deemed too moderate and they just decided their interpretation could only be found through youtube or social media or whatever the propaganda being pout contains. i'm very weary when i hear these things from family members. to give one example, the guy who
6:21 am
tried to blow up the airliner in detroit several christmass ago. his father was a minister in the nigerian government and dropped a dime on the son. he was president of the islamic society there, hosting memorials for 9/11 that included images of the twin towers on fire. celebratory. and his father did the right thing and informed. and ultimately it comes down to the community and the family to be more vigilant. and it is the cliche of the era. if you see something, say something. but i think there is a lot of, you know, self fear or, you know, restraint on the part of family members because they know their children, if they get caught that is the end. they will never see them again. >> and we've heard from the fbi, from the attorney general making that point. that look, we need the help of those closest to these people. because they don't have the resources to cover everyone. so a lot still to learn in this
6:22 am
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an ex police officer who prayed on women in oklahoma city broke down in tears when he was found guilty of rape and sexual batte battery. >> count five, the defendant is guilty of procuring lewd exhibition and punishment is set at five years. count six, defendant is not guilty of the crime of stalking. count seven, defendant is not guilty of the crime of sexual battery. >> see right there increasingly
6:27 am
lost his composure as the list of charges continues. jury convicted him on 18 counts of targeting more than a dozen poor black victims with criminal backgrounds. one victim was raped on her mauriothers front porch. what a sad story. >> the jury deliberated more than 40 hours. picking victims based on criminal histories and forcing them to perform sex acts. and then as the judge read some of the guilty verdicts he started sobbing. his head was down and he was rocking in his chair. as you mentioned he was convicted of 18 of the 36
6:28 am
charges including first degree rape and sexual battery. the victim, 13 black women, all testified against him during the trial and some of the victims are expected to speak later today in a news conference on the steps of the courthouse. we plan to bring that live to you when it happens. >> and those victims, you know, said they were worried their stories wouldn't be heard. that justice wouldn't be served in case. i'm just curious what was the defense's argument here? >> reporter: the victims and their concerns about justice are definitely something that is still at the forefront of the defense. we really haven't heard from them after the trial. be jury recommended a total of 263 years in prison so he could spend the rest of his life in prison or he could serve a lot less time if the judge decides to run some of these sentences concurre concurrently. here is what one victim's mother had to say. >> i'm sure they are going to
6:29 am
try to run it together so he won't seeing in but 30 years. and that is not fair to us. it is not fair to any of the victims or the people of our community. >> we'll learn exactly how many years he'll serve for his convictions when he's formally sentenced next month. >> thank you very much. and we have breaking news out of afghanistan. police at the scene right now of a big explosion and gunfire in the central part of kabul. the blast may be a car explosion. a cnn producer in kabul describes the explosion as very loud. this is an area of the city where many foreign embassies are located and many ex pats live and work. what did we learn? >> reporter: details are still pretty limited. i'm at the scene a couple of
6:30 am
blocks from where the explosion happened. there are units of soldiers moving in now slowly in the darkness trying to clear the building that rumors say, or reports say has been taken by some gunmen who are holed up. there is a lot of chatter going on and nothing confirmed. but judging from police radios this is a foreign guest house. probably belonging to an embassy. we don't know what country that embassy would belong to and we don't know anything about casualties or potential hostages yet. there is sporadic gunfire going on from time to time. but right now everything is pretty quiet at the moment. >> and i imagine it is too early for claims of responsibility, right? >> as far as i know. no one has claimed responsibility. normally with instances like this attacks like this, we have to wait a few hours before someone claims responsibility.
6:31 am
often they will not -- no one will claim responsibility if there is a case of a lot of civilian casualties but we don't know anything about casualties just yet. >> as you reported this is near embassies in kabul and where a lot of ex pats live. do we know whether the security situation is like there? >> well -- this is where most foreign embassies and a lot of bigger organizations are based. security here is normally pretty tight. but it is also a high profile area. so this is where a lot of these complex attacks or attacks on guest houses, attacks on hotels and restaurants occur. because there are foreigners around and because there are also afghan officials who live in the area. so security here is probably the tightest in the city, but is also the highest profile area. so it is often target of
6:32 am
attacks. >> thank you. we'll check back with you as you get more information. in the meantime the pentagon is considering a plan to set up a global network of hubs to respond quickly to terror hot spots. the defense secretary says it would give the u.s. greater flexibility as isis spreads. >> we also have to recognize that as libya is one example, that this tumor is metastasizing or has metastasized. that is the reality, the recognition of that behind the concept of linking together american counterterrorism and military nodes in the region and around the world. >> and let's bring in cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. how soon may a decision be made? >> i think it is -- carter is indicating it is evolving. it is not going to be suddenly
6:33 am
day one where you have a bunch of new military operations. in fact we're already seeing it in northern syria for example. u.s. special operations forces were recently inside northern syria quietly scouting out locations they might work from. and what carter was really talking about there is that what he calls metastasizing tumor of isis no longer just in iraq, just in syria. have to fight them there. but these isis affiliates, the isis-inspired operations, operative, are springing up all over the world. and that is really the problem now. how do you get to all of that? the sense of the pentagon and the intelligence community is you have to pick spots, base people and have ability to respond rapidly. one of the biggest challenges, being on the ground where isis is and gathering intelligence about what they might be up to next. >> yeah and we've seen these isis attacks in the sinai peninsula recently.
6:34 am
beirut and tunisia. much of this network would rely on existing infrastructure and how much would created from scratch? >> i think in a lot of places you are going to basically see it rely on infrastructure existing and bases. we're really not talking from our understanding what the pentagon has in mind building massive new military bases. you are talking about access to places where the u.s. wants to be. so for example libya on the coast of north africa. that is a huge, growing danger of isis moving in there. there may be hundreds if not thousands of isis operatives already in libya. so what do you do about it? if you can put some more capability in southern europe, just across the mediterranean, you can respond more quickly when you find a target in libya, when you find intelligence you want to act upon. that is kind of the model that they are really talking about. >> barbara starr, thank you for that report.
6:35 am
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rough start on wall street this friday. take a look here. the dow down it looks like more than 200 points. this as oil prices continue to spiral down. of course we're going to keep an eye on this as the day and these early trading numbers.
6:40 am
>> in terms of executive order if i win listen to sign a strong, strong statement that will go out to the country, out to the world, that anybody killing a policeman, policewoman, police officer -- anybody killing a police officer, death penalty. it is gonna happen. >> so trump would go on to praise the role of police officers in the face of terrorist threats and also calling for police to have military style equipment. cnn's randy kay has more. >> members of the new england police benevolent association showing support for donald trump in new hampshire despite the growi ining list of his inflammy remarks. >> any of that concern you is this ji think what concerns me is my members we have a president of the united states who has no respect for law enforcement officers. that it is problem right now. >> retired police officer jerry
6:41 am
flinn once met with trump in the office of new york city. >> found him to be very charming. >> charming is not a word you hear lot when you are talking about donald trump. what do you make of his tile? >> i think he is what he is. a very successful businessman. i think he's somebody who obviously can poke the bear and he's done that pretty well. >> so well in fact that there is a growing panic among some in his party he could win the nomination. but because of his inflammatory remarks about latinos, women and now muslim, many say he wouldn't stand a chance in a general election. >> you are not at all concerned about him being the nominee. >> i want him to be the nominee. i want him to be president of the united states. >> he also thinks trump could take hillary clinton in a match up. >> when it comes to immigration and debt and dending the country i feel he's stronger than she is. >> despite what some republicans are saying nobody here told us they thought trump was hurting
6:42 am
their party. >> trying to make america great again and he's doing it his way on his own. >> and you think that is playing well in the party. >> i think it is playing well with the public. and the party will -- i guess that will be determined at the convention. >> and about that "new york times" cbs poll showing that among all registered voters, 40% say a trump presidency scares them. >> does a donald trump presidency scare you? >> translato >> not at all. and a lot of presidents don't know how to say no. and i feel like he has so much fire in him. like if we were to be attacked for example, he knows ho tow say no. >> meanwhile with so many critics inside the gop, trump is floating the idea of running as the third party candidate, an independent. and according to a usa today poll, 68% of his sporters say they would go with him. >> would you consider crossing party lines to vote for trump.
6:43 am
>> ronald reagan said it best. i didn't leave the democratic party. the democratic party left me. >> i'll take that as a yes. >> and while trump's event was closed to the general public, around 200 protesters gathered right outside denouncing trump's comments towards muslims. >> meanwhile just a reminder that the final republican debate is just four days a away. tuesday night starting at 6:00 eastern only on cnn. still ahead, right here in the newsroom. officer william porter on trial in the death of freddie gray. we'll hear from a witness who was inside that police van the day gray died. intel processors brought personal computers to the home? totally. ...and then intel made them more efficient so that you could fit all this into a laptop... tight. real tight. ...and then they helped bring wifi to everybody... whatever that is. c'mon, c'mon.
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a former baltimore police commander is defending the first of six cops to stand trial in the death of freddie gray. timothy longo testified william porter acted reasonably in not seat belting gray in the police wagon and in waiting to call for medical assistance for that 45 minute ride. a ride where gray allegedly severed his spine. >> we believe the defense is close to concluding their case. because they put on seven witnesses, including the defendant. the most recent witnesses are fellow police officers that walked the street of west baltimore that knew william porter and also were there on
6:49 am
that day. they were given immunity by the prosecution but the defense is putting them on the stand. one of them actually did a demonstration in court to show how freddie gray at the fifth stop was on his knees sort of leaning but yet using his own weight to hold himself up. that is important to the defense to show that he hadn't had that neck injury at that point of time. that it happened between the fifth and sixth stop. because the sixth stop he was unresponsive on the floor. another witness says that fellow officer at the first stop, that he heard banging and swaying of the fan and like hitting metal inside the van, the metal of the van. now the prosecution has been able to use these witnesses a bit to their advantage by having them testify on cross-examination, would you call a medic if someone asked you for a medic? a prisoner asked for a medic, the response is normally yes i would. and the defense has to come back and say but wouldn't you want to
6:50 am
look for signs? always want to look for signs because we have know what we're calling the medic for when we call. so once the defense rests the question is will the prosecution have a rebuttal case. then closing arguments. anything is possible. this judge is this judge is very streamlined but closing arguments, common sense, this is friday, they may not be in until monday. >> i know you'll bring us the very latest. jean casarez, thank you very much. checking or top stories on this friday. more unrest in chicago overnight as protesters call for the resignation of mayor rahm emanuel. >> 16 shots and a cover-up! >> the crowd changt, 16 shots and a cover-up, as you hear in that video. that's the number of times laquan mcdonald was fatally shot in 2014. emanuel says he didn't see the police video until it was released last month. more than 100 medical student
6:51 am
staging this die-in. the students lining the sidewalk in silent protest. in california, four people are dead after a medevac crashes. the pilot, a nurse, paramedic were all killed in this accident. investigators don't know yet what caused that crash. still to come right here in "newsroom," she's a car -- star on hln. now hee how robin meade is taking on the quiz show.
6:52 am
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pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ... , two more ways to breathe happy cnn anchor john berman returns sunday night in the hugely popular quiz show. this time it's the famous americans edition. john brings his "a" game because the competition is coming after him. take a look at. >> boom! >> is this your game face? >> yes! >> cute winners. >> winners! >> the topic is famous
6:57 am
americans. >> for reals. >> strategy. >> let the other people think they have a chance of winning and then, boom! >> we're the team that nobody expects to be good or win. >> boom! >> we either win -- >> boom! >> -- or we sabotage. >> i'm the dumb one. >> sure, berman's won, what, two times? >> no one wants john berman to win again. >> no one. >> i think our best chance with berman is a tonya harding situation. >> robin is all about distraction. >> she's got a wide berth of knowledge. >> if we lose, it's sabotage. >> absolutely. >> the only plausible explanation. >> that was way too much fun. john berman's lucky partner, robin meade, anchor of hln's "morning express." >> do you think they were trying to trip me up by pairing me with him? >> no. it's going to be better with
6:58 am
robin and john. you're lucky to have him. i would tell you, robin, i would be so nervous to do -- to do that quiz show. especially right now on live television with the question i'm about to ask you, you are a brave soul, let me tell you something. seems like you've been studying, cramming, even have strategies. is that what i saw in there? >> i think john walks around with this breadth of knowledge. i bet if you asked him the gestation period of a raccoon, he could spit it out. he just knows this stuff. i'm true studying. i was studying so much. my husband got upset because i spent the weekend studying what i thought could be on this quiz show. famous americans from 1870? let's go, let's go. morgan, because of their jobs and what they do, they come in contact with so many different types of people, i don't think they have to study. that's my crutch. i study. >> good for you. we're going to put that new
6:59 am
knowledge to the test right here, robin? i have a couple questions for you. by the way, they asked if i feel comfortable with you asking me questions. i said, huh-uh, we're putting this all on robin. here we go, first question -- >> as a reporter, i can ask you all kinds of question and you would have an answer. when you say quiz, it's natural for people to freeze. >> it's psychologicalic. i freeze up. clearly, you're much better at test taking than i am. here we go. aviator charles lindbergh is famous for making the first nonstop solo flight from new york to what city? london -- >> can i hit a bell? >> yes. >> i think it's, b, paris. >> look at you. >> did you hear me say that during the break? >> no. >> actually, we have to wrap. we have to take this offline. too much fun. thank you so much. i cannot wait to watch this. >> you know what, it's good -- it's wonderful to watch just to
7:00 am
see how much of a news junkie you are f you're watching at home. then to see morgan dancing. >> and you and berman together, can't wait to watch it. airs sunday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. can't wait to watch it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins right now. good morning, i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thank you for joining me. we begin with breaking news out of afghanistan. the taliban now claiming responsibility for this attack in kabul. taking to twitter just moments ago. police are at the scene right now where there was a big explosion and gunfire. an italian aide in the area says it happened at the spanish embassy, an area where many expats live and work. as i understa we're joined by a journalist from "the guardian." a lot of new developments in the last few minutes.
7:01 am
>> as you said, taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. there are reports we've heard, spanish embassy is under attack. i cannot confirm that. police are not confirming that. this is an area where there are a lot of foreign embassies. so, there's still not a lot of confirmation from the official side but getting slightly clearer that either an embassy or guest house belonging to an embassy. >> what do we know about this claim of responsibility? obviously, it needs to be verified, but what did we learn? >> this is basically what we know, they're claiming responsibility and the attack is ongoing.
7:02 am
normally these claims come a little bit later in the attack. only an hour and a half after the explosion after the attack started. so, pretty fast, i guess. we've seen in the past, so we'll wait to see if it's verified. thank you very much for that. i appreciate it. ted cruz and donald trump on a collision course. a new cbs news poll taken after those controversial remarks shows nearly 6 in 10 americans say muslims should not be banned from entering the country. cnn's athena jones joins me.
7:03 am
ted cruz has been one of the few candidates not to hit trump, so now he seems to be changing tuns, behind closed doors at least. >> we know trump's top spot makes him a top target for the other gop contenders. cruz hasn't been attacking trump in public. this new leaked audio from cruz is raising questions of whether he'll be the latest candidate to knock trump from his perch, not just in private but at the cnn debate in four days. >> both of them i like and respect, both donald and ben. i do not believe either one of them is going to be our nominee. their campaigns have a natural arch. >> reporter: new video shows ted cruz questioning the judgment of front-runner donald trump and ben carson. >> who am i comfortable having their finger on the button? i think -- look, people run as
7:04 am
who they are. i believe gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. >> reporter: cruz has avoided public criticism of the billionaire. but now just four days away from the next cnn republican debate, cruz may not be able to avoid him anymore. the senator now polling second in the latest national gop poll, even though trump is leading by almost 20 points. this as trump continues to outline controversial proposals. >> anybody killing a police officer, death penalty, it's going to happen, okay? >> reporter: the latest, trump says if elected president, he would sign an executive order to mandate the death penalty for convicted cop killers. >> police forces throughout the country have had a hard time. a lot of people killed. a lot of people killed very violently, sitting in a car, waiting, sitting in a car, watching, and somebody comes from behind. >> reporter: and trump's plan to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. igniting a firestorm of
7:05 am
back lash. >> i no longer think he's funny. >> yes. >> i will say i started -- >> yeah, yeah. >> it doesn't appear to be resonating with voters. more than half saying they oppose his controversial ban in a new national poll. trump's divisive proposals are making the gop nervous. cnn learned a group of republican leaders met in private for a contested convention, which would be triggered if no candidate has enough delegates to win the nomination. we know donald trump spends a lot of time consuming news and that he spends a lot of time on twitter. so, he took to twitter this morning to respond to those comments from cruz. here's one of his tweets. he said, ted cruz should not make statements behind closed doors to his bosses. he should bring them out into the open. more fun that way. here's another one. looks like ted cruz is getting ready to attack. i'm leading by so much. he must. i hope so. he will fall like all others.
7:06 am
will be easy. so, there is trump weighing into this conversation. and, pamela, you know that he's right about that second point. a lot of other candidates have tried to attack trump, bring him down. they're the ones who have suffered. so, we'll see what happens with ted cruz a few days from now. pamela? >> no surprise that trump was quick to pounce. atheen that joins, thank you. joining me, bob cusack, editor-in-chief of "the hill." thank you for coming on. let's first address these cruz comments he made behind closed doors. he refused to make, what he called, personal attacks and then this audio surfaces days before the next republican debate. is this a strategy, perhaps, to pick up more of the voters he referenced? >> absolutely, pamela. cruz has done well. the cruz campaign has picked up a lot of former carson supporters. carson's campaign in a bit of a freefall right now. cruz has made the decision, i'm not going to publicly go after trump. i don't think this criticism was that biting.
7:07 am
jeb bush also got in some trouble because apparently behind closed doors months ago he ripped trump and then denied it at the debate. i think this will come up at next week's debate. cruz's strategy has been a wise one. he thinks trump is going to fade and he'll pick up those supporters because he hasn't been that critical. not surprising to see trump go after cruz on twitter. >> let's talk about this new cbs news poll, made after trump made the comment about the travel ban. within the republican party, more than 50% support it. it raises the question, if trump is the next republican nominee, what would that mean for him in the general election? >> i think all these guys are thinking about just winning the primary now. certainly, trump -- this was not an off-the-cuff remark he made. this was a release he put out on
7:08 am
his muslim policy. very calculated. maybe did some poll testing beforehand. clearly, this is resonating with a faction of the republican base. yes, could this hurt him in the general election? absolutely. as your poll shows. at the same time, he's just focused on winning the republican primary. he's doing well, but also cruz is doing well in iowa. that's triggered all this debate about a possible brokered convention. >> let's talk about someone who's going down in the polls. that's ben carson, who, you know, used to be number two, right behind trump. he just issued a statement saying, if the powerful try to manipulate it -- i need to see this. here it is. if the powerful try to manipulate it, the republican national convention in cleveland next summer, it may be the last convention. i am prepared to lose, fair and square, as i am sure is donald, but i will not sit by and watch a theft. carson added he and trump won't be the only ones who leave the gop if a brokered convention
7:09 am
goes through. is he right? let's talk about this idea of a brokered convention. >> i think it's smart for carson to put out that statement because the headlines have not been good to him recently, specifically on foreign policy. so, certainly he is an outsider. carson is an outsider. trump is an outsider. even though he's a senator, cruz is an outsider. all three are doing quite well right now. they hear republicans are having private meetings, the brokered convention, insiders. it's natural they'll pounce. they all signed the pledge. as trump says, listen, if i'm not getting treated fairly by the party, then i might run as an independent. >> he's certainly keeping that door open. bob cusack, thank you very much. appreciate it. still to come right here in the "newsroom," the hunt is on for terror suspects in geneva this morning. we're now learning a major u.s. city is part of a dangerous plot. we'll be right back.
7:10 am
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new developments in the san bernardino shooting. the fbi is looking into syed rizwan farook's jihadists arrested in 2012. they believe the shooters may have visited prior to the attack. one of the items divers are looking for is a missing hard drive from the couple's computer. ana cabrera is live for us in san bernardino. has the search resumed. >> reporter: can you see some of the fbi investigators arriving on scene behind me. they're getting out gear, some stuff set up alongside the lake, where we anticipate they'll be searching for much of the day. they were here for several hours
7:15 am
and they say this search could take days. they're looking for any evidence, they say, may be linked to the shooters in the san bernardino terror attack. they believe they may have been in this area on the day of the shooting. we're told investigators are following up on a couple of leads that brought them to this park. they've already scoured the surrounding area. now it's the lake they have to get through, which could be a long and arduous task. it's very murky water they'll be working in. now, we're also learning this morning that investigators are going back and looking closer at whether syed farook had any connections to a terror cell that was broken up here in california a few years back. listen. >> we did arrest four individuals back in 2012. they have since been convicted of material support to terrorism. those individuals were not
7:16 am
planning to conduct a terror attack in the u.s. >> reporter: rather, that terrorist attack plan was supposed to happen overseas, in afghanistan, where a group of four individuals were planning to join the taliban and al qaeda to attack a u.s. military base. now, there is some indication that farook may have been in the same social circle as the taliban group leader, that leader who was trying to go join the taliban here in the u.s. that's what they're going to investigate this morning, if he had any ties to that terrorist cell. in 2012, that's when enrique martinez was telling authorities that he and farook were planning an attack here on u.s. soil. there's a lot of twists and turns as we continue to learn more about the investigation. >> that enrique marquez still talking to investigators. he has not been charged.
7:17 am
ana cabrera, thank you very much. police in geneva, switzerland, are hunting for five terror supports. according to sources, they are linked to the terrorist attacks. extremists were looking at tar getting a major u.s. city, too, as we learn stunning new information about how the u.s. discovered that threat. nic robertson is in switzerland with the very latest. nic? >> reporter: yeah, pam, in the last hour or so, the geneva airport here has been on -- part of it was on a lockdown as police investigated two suspicious items of luggage because there's a heightened security threat going on. this is normal that they would be hypervigilant at this time. one of those items of luggage turned out to be a piece of lost luggage. the other one was steroid through a controlled explosion. authorities here on a hair trigger and stems from three pieces of information. very significant information coming from u.s. intelligence officials, saying they picked up chatter between four isis
7:18 am
individuals inside syria that indicated that they were potentially planning an attack here in geneva. also potentially planning an attack in chicago. the whereabouts of these four individuals is now unknown. at least a couple of them, we're told, speak french. they'll be able to operate here pretty easily in and around geneva. two other important items for swiss authorities. a vehicle registered in belgium, delivered to switzerland. belgium connected with that terror attack in france. when authorities went and tracked down that vehicle, they discovered it belonged to an associate of the paris attackers. the vehicle has been found. he hasn't. that's a concern. also one of the attackers in the paris attack, his identity has only been discovered, turns out the man who recruited him from
7:19 am
isis came from the geneva area. he's in french custody. he also recruited another swiss man from this area to isis. he went to syria. his whereabouts now unknown. that's causing a concern, are these three pieces of information. connected, how are they connected, what it's leading to at the moment is this very high security concern and they're raising the threat level here. pam? >> a lot of information there, nic. what about this u.s. plot that's connected to all of this? >> reporter: well, the concern is the four individuals that were picked up through eavesdropping on communications, their indicate they were not just planning potentially an attack here in geneva, switzerland, but also in chicago in the united states and potentially other locations in the united states. it's not clear how far down they're sort of planning they got with these ideas. whether it was speculative
7:20 am
chatter, whether or not this has now gone to some sort of encrypted form of communication that can't be tracked. but it was picked up by these individuals. they were in syria, were associated with isis. but now their whereabouts are unknown. as we've seen here in europe, once somebody's been to syria, connected with isis and their whereabouts are unknown, it's potential they could get here into europe and potential they could get beyond even potentially to the united states. so, this is a concern right now, pam. >> yeah, we saw how easy it is with the paris attacks. nic robertson, thanks very much. appreciate it. still to come on this friday morning, protesters calling for more change in chicago. they want the mayor out. is this just the tip of the iceberg? >> 16 shots and a cover-up. coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad...
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calls for the resignation of rahm emanuel are growing louder. protesters marched overnight at city haul right here. this as mayor emanuel comes under fire for handling the police department, a department now under federal investigation by the justice department. rosa joins us. what can we expect there today? >> reporter: pamela, good morning. you can see around me it's pretty calm this morning. yesterday between 75 and 100 protesters hit the streets, again asking for the resignation of mayor rahm emanuel. let me give you the background. in the past two weeks the mayor has asked two officials to resign, including the superintendent of police. now, there's a search, a national search for that superintendent to be replaced. the mayor also replaced the head of the independent police review authority. that is the authority to reviews
7:26 am
all officer-involved shootings in chicago. as i mentioned, the protests continue. at the height of the protests the past few weeks, about 200 protesters have been hitting the streets in chicago, asking for the resignation of the mayor and also the cook county state's attorney anita alvarez. i should add even a presidential hopeful has chimed in, saying -- this is ben carson, saying the shooting of laquan mcdonald is disturbing. again, take a look around me this morning. normal traffic here. you can see city hall behind me. no protesters yet this morning. we'll have to see, pamela, how the day turns out. back to you. >> all of this is going on as the search continues for a new police chief. what do we know about that? >> reporter: it's a national search, as you might imagine. chicago is a very big city so they're calling for the best and the brightest to fix the issues in the police department. the mayor asking for police
7:27 am
accountability and transparency. from what we understand this national search is going on. they're asking people to apply. the board of police will take a look at all of those applications and then recommend three of them to the mayor. and then, of course, that position is appointed by the mayor. he will have to decide who leads the chicago police department pamela? >> rosa flores, thank you so much. appreciate it. we've been following breaking news out of afghanistan. this morning the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack in kabul. police right now at that scene where there was a big explosion and gunfire. seven afghans were injured. an italian aid agency in the area says the attack happened at the spanish embassy. this is also an area where many expats live and work. meantime, digital technology has made it much easier for the u.s. and its allies to monitor terrorist communications around the world. now the terrorists are trying to stay one step ahead by using
7:28 am
advanced encryption that cannot be desiperred. brian todd joins us. you actually got a demonstration. what did you learn? >> we learned how remarkably easy it is using encryption technology available to all of us. case in point was the morning of the garland, texas, attacks last may. the fbi is still frustrated they still cannot break the encrypted communications that were flying around just before that attack. >> reporter: in the hours leading up to this nearly catastrophic terror attack, the prophet mohamed drawing, fbi was communicating with someone overseas. >> he exchanged 109 messages with a terrorist. we have no idea what he said because they are encrypted. to this day i can't tell you what he said with that terrorist 109 times the morning of that attack. that is a big problem.
7:29 am
>> reporter: the gunman could have been communicating with hussein, the notorious head of isis's hacking division, killed recently in a drone attack. he's said to have inspired the attack and may have directed it. this terror chatter in the dark is one of the major stops. terror groups are perfecting the use of encrypted communications. conversation chopped up into a jumble by mathematical algorithm ims. >> they do a good job of keeping what their saying. >> reporter: jihadists have their own brand, developed or modified by supporters of al qaeda. experts say it helps terrorists communicate in secret and there's a mobile version of it. isis developed a mobile app that provides updates on news and propaganda with video. and jihadi websites publish
7:30 am
tutorials telling them how to hide themselves online. >> they provide pretty sophisticated guidelines on what kind of technology to use, what to talk about, how not to get their communications intercepted. >> reporter: encryption texts are out of the show "homeland." matthew green from johns hopkins showed us one way they can disappear on the app. they can self-destruct in a few seconds. i send green a message. he reads it. >> just like that you've got no record of the communication. >> reporter: what about encrypted plotting in san bernardino or paris? regarding san bernardino, there is no evidence so far those attackers used encryption in the plotting. of course, that is still under investigation. regarding paris, u.s. officials say there is no hard evidence the attackers used encryption to plot those attacks but they
7:31 am
suspect they may have because they left behind such a small electronic trail. pamela? >> still a lot to learn from both of those investigations. thank you very much. tonight on "situation room," brian has more about a key isis figure at 5:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. let's discuss this with cnn counterterrorist analyst philip mudd. we've been talking about this for a while. do you think this is a temporary problem the u.s. government will be able to overcome or a troubling, long-term obstacle? >> boy, that depends on what happens with congress and the silicon valley. i think this has to be resolved eventually because if you want to understand the basics of a terror plot and terror investigation, one of the key components is intent. what does someone want to do? you might be able to figure out capability. do they have access to weapons and explosives? are they talking to people of interest? determining intent, what does someone want to do, for example, with a weapon they acquire is really difficult.
7:32 am
can you run a human source against someone. really inefficient, especially when you talk about the number of cases the fbi is following. more efficient way to do it, read their eames, for example, communication with isis, saying i'm ready to go. i'm going to go this week. i fear one day we'll have a tragedy and fbi couldn't read e-mails and texts, and silicon valley and congress after a lodge time of debating will say, we have to resolve this because there are too many dead people. we have to figure out a back door into encrypted communications. >> as we just saw in brian's report, isis can create their own encrypted apps with math skills and software. this could be beyond the scope of silicon valley? >> i think we'll see a cat and mouse game over the next decade or two. we've seen that with counterterror operations as they evolved, like al qaeda, initially intercepting their phones was pretty straightforward.
7:33 am
then they went into better communications. for example, they started using human couriers. this is one of the biggest problems i've seen. typically the government with all its capabilities can beat the hackers, but this began accelerating maybe a decade or so ago when the intelligence community talked about what they talked about going dark, unable to read communications. i don't see an easy resolution to this one. i think this may be with us for some time. >> it's probably part of the reason especially lately we've heard officials say to the public, look f you see something, say something. we need your help. how important now in this age of going dark is just old fashioned human intelligence like you were talking about? >> it's really important for a couple reasons. as you lose that avenue of communication to intercept -- as i mentioned, there's not many ways to replace that. the two i can think of, listening to people's phone calls. sometimes you have a terrorist in california, they're not going to pick up the phone and call isis. they might be communicating over twitter or e-mail but not on the
7:34 am
telephone. or you can use a human source. the fbi director talked about 900 cases in the u.s. you can't run 900 human sources simultaneously. as isis moves out into communities, european communities, there's one avenue left. the parents of the child in california, this man, you've got to pick up the phone because the other avenues of investigation are disappearing. >> and we have heard that call from the fbi and the attorney general saying, look, we can't do this alone. philip mudd, thank you very much. a police officer charged with sexually assaulting more than a dozen women and the jury has ruled. that up next. i've smoked a lot
7:35 am
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an ex-police officer who preyed on women in oklahoma city broke down in tears when he was found guilty of rape and sexual battery. >> defendant, guilty of lewd exhibition -- >> was convicted on 18 counts for targeting more than a dozen poor black victims with criminal backgrounds. one young woman, only 17 at the time, was raped on her mother's front porch. cnn's joy jackson joins me now. this jury recommended a total of 263 years in prison but one victim's mother fears he might only be locked up for a few decades. >> sure they're going to try to run it together so he won't see nothing but 30 years, and that's not fair to us. it's not fair to my daughter. it's not fair to any of the victims or the people of our
7:40 am
community. >> so, joy, what do you think, could these 632 years be condensed into 30? >> good morning. i don't think so at all. you're dealing with the relative of a victim here, so there's major concern will the justice system play itself out to its conclusion and will real justice be done? i do not see the dflt seeing the light of day and i say that for several reasons. you said, the jury recommended 263 years. what did that mean to them? it means they evaluated exactly what this defendant did and found that his criminal culpability is so severe, that this is what he deserves. when the judge takes it up in january, that's not going to be lost upon the judge. let's not also forget, pamela, that 8 of the 13 victims the judge found guilt associated with. what does that mean? it means point three, he'll get consecutive time. what does that mean? it means whenever you do
7:41 am
something and you -- for example, you're a defendant and you commit a crime, the same action, you are concurrent time. if multiple counts, you get 30, 30, 30. there are eight separate victims he was found accountable for. so i think the judge will give him consecutive time, meaning serve 30 years, serve 30 years, serve 20 years. so, i don't ever see him seeing the light of day again. >> you see this video of him crying and so emotional. this is a man now who's been found guilty of raping all these women and abusing his power. you look at that and you think, what was going to happen here? in terms of the prosecution, what challenges do they face in this? >> you know, pamela, it's a great point. i think there were many challenges by the prosecution and the community. number one, this is a police offic officer. as a police officer, the vimentz were saying, if we went forward, would it matter? one brave victim certainly did
7:42 am
and they investigated in june of last year and, guess what? that investigation revealed there were 13 total victims. he was fired before the trial. now you say, well, justice should be served. then you have 13 african-american victims. then you get to the jury trial and it's an all-white jury. the concern is, would there be some disconnect? would race play an element? obviously not because the jury found accountability. the third challenge is look at the victims. you have victims who had, you know, drug histories, checkered pasts and everything else. and to that final point, that was the defense's greatest strength in the case. they say, look who's accusing him. these are people with drug histories, past criminal hifrts. you can't be believed. guess what the prosecution did? they said, a-ha, who else would an officer prey on but people who couldn't be believed, or so he would think couldn't be believed. as a result of that, he abused his authority. you're going to find it when you
7:43 am
peel back the onion in this case. they certainly did. as a result, he was convicted. the recommendation is 263 years. we'll see what the judge does in january. i'm pretty confident that based upon the circumstances and the nature of these offenses, he'll never see the light of day. >> they're horrific offenses. joey jackson, thank you very much. still to come in the "newsroom," a steep drop in the polls, is the ben carson camp in chaos right now? toto the nation's capitalut to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges®
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just days to go until the next presidential face-off, ben carson may be looking for ways to give his campaign a much needed boost. a series of high profile foreign policy missteps could cause the neurosurgeon to tumble in the polls. the most recent from cbs news/"new york times," carson in
7:48 am
third place nationally, after surging to the top of the field just two months ago. that decline is reportedly leading to some public birking among members of his staff. let's bring in cnn political reporter nia-malika henderson. i was just reading the article you wrote, basically saying there is chaos within the ben carson campaign. >> it comes amidhim declining in the polls there. he lost half his support going back to october. it is because of some of his campaign missteps. one thing that's happening now is they're starting to shift focus from some of this internal turmoil going on to the campaign to turmoil going on with the gop. we just got a statement from the ben carson campaign where they are going after the gop. and i can read you a statement here. if this was the beginning of a plan to subvert the willing of the voters and replace it with the will of the elite, i assure you donald trump will not be the only one leaving the party.
7:49 am
he, of course, is talking about reports that the rnc and top republicans are trying to figure out what it might mean to have a brokered convention. he thinks that would subvert the will of the people. donald trump is threatening to possibly run as an independent. >> very interesting news there. can you lay out for us, what is the divide within his campaign? what's going on here? >> there are two campaigns. one informal and that informal campaign has to do with his relationship with armstrong williams, who we have had on our air many, many times. he's a long-time friend. he's in some way the carson whisperer. he explains his views, double downs and sometimes criticizes carson very publicly. the official campaign, which carson is not technically -- which williams is not technically a part of, says williams has often not been too helpful to this effort to win the nomination for carson.
7:50 am
but the campaign also says that in some ways they haven't always been that helpful. there was that speech carson gave before the jewish coalition. he seemed to have problems with that speech. the campaign said, we should have done a better job preparing carson for that speech. that's also a criticism armstrong williams levied publicly at the campaign. they feel like they're a campaign all on the same page. it's a work in progress all the same. they're working on iowa, getting 30,000 voters out. they say if they can come in, at hooes in third place in iowa, they feel like they'll be in good place for this campaign. >> a lot of pressure on him with the final republican debate. >> that's right. >> of the year coming up in just a few days. nia-malika henderson, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> that debate, by the way, will be live from las vegas. it will be moderated by our own wolf blitzer. it's going to be twus night at
7:51 am
6:00 p.m. only on cnn. the holiday season is here and christmas decorations can be seen everywhere you go. one group is firing back, putting their anti-christian ideology on full display. here's lisa ling. >> reporter: as a skilled artist, michael is using his craft to stand for the temple and fight for religious freedom. when the capital put up a nativity scene, the satanic group -- and michael helped design it. >> the snake itself is to be representative of lucifer when he chose to lead man to knowledge in the garden of eden. we support the idea of lucifer as a metaphorical figure and his influence on man. >> reporter: we live in a nation predominantly judeo christian. what's wrong with having a nativity scene on the steps of the capitol at christmastime?
7:52 am
>> there's nothing wrong with it, per se, if other religions can be accepted as well and have their own displays. there can't be one dominating voice to all the voices. >> reporter: snake-tivity alongside the nativity. how has it been destroyed? >> a lot of people threatened to destroy it. >> reporter: do you celebrate christmas? >> i do, personally. i view it as more of a time to be with my family. >> reporter: you don't think christmas should go away, even though it is the day that commemorates the birth of christ? >> no, not at all. i feel everyone should have the right to celebrate their opinion but every voice has to be heard. >> the beliefs sataniists this sunday. what happens when america's symbol of freedom meets the leading republican presidential candidate? feel a cold coming on?
7:53 am
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♪ south side chicago ♪ we had to do it every day to make it happen ♪ ♪ hey kids listen in michigan that could be you ♪ >> the first lady dropping a few rhymes with a single message there. go to college. in a newly released music video, michelle obama teams up with "saturday night live" star. listen ♪ if you want to fly ♪ you should go to college ♪ retire with your head with knowledge ♪ ♪ for everything else you should go to college ♪ >> part of the first lady's campaign urging 14 to 19-year-olds to seek higher education. mrs. obama says she wants to celebrate students the same way
7:58 am
we celebrate athletes and celebrities. i think that's a pretty good idea. uncle sam, apparently, does not approve of the donald. jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: donald trump is great at weighing, it but now he's become prey for comedians thanks to an eagle. >> his dead brother is on donald's head. yeah. oh! >> reporter: the video is from a "time" magazine photo shoot with an eagle named uncle sam, as his owner jonathan wood helped set up the shots. >> how's my hair look? >> reporter: more than feathers got ruffled. you were there to handle the bird. you handled trump's hair. >> yeah. and it's real. >> reporter: the bird was a headache when the donald inadd vrntly invaded his territory by reaching. >> takes a little courage to work with a bird like that. he is the most difficult bird that i have to work with.
7:59 am
>> reporter: uncle sam, the eagle, was hit by a car more than 20 years ago and wood helped rehabilitate him. now 27 years old, he's blind in one eye and off balance. but you can't call the bird a left-winger. he actually had part of his left wing amputated after the car accident. turns out uncle sam has also snapped at stephen colbert and bill clinton. >> yeah, he's an equal opportunity biter. >> reporter: the trump/eagle photos were part of a cover story back in august. so "time" magazine decides to release the outtakes about four months ago this were taken. around the time trump was criticizing the magazine for picking german leader angela merkel as person of the year. trump tweeted, i told you "time" magazine would never pick me, despite being the big favorite. they picked a person who is ruining germany. instead of being picked, trump is being peculiked.
8:00 am
>> after that donald trump is like, i'm banning all bald eagles from america. >> reporter: jean moos, cnn, new york. thank you for being here with me today. i'm pamela brown. "at this hour with berman and boulduan" starts now. >> move over, donald trump, another one threatening to leave the party. a warning to americans as several terror suspects linked to the paris attacks are missing, right now on the run. the possible threat now to the u.s. and underwater seven dive teams are searching the laction in san bernardino. did the couple hide something there? hello, ev


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